We hope you’re enjoying the half term; either taking some well-earned time away, or running your crash courses and holiday camps!

Last week we ran a coffee and cake morning (and our own quiz evening!) to raise support and funds for MacMillan Cancer Support, alongside our sister company TRP (who you can learn more about here).

Our MacMillan Coffee Morning!

We’re pleased to say that this is the third year running that we’ve been taking part in the MacMillan Coffee Morning!

With Chocolate & Guinness cakes, sugar-free cookies, vegan loafs and a (very well-received) extra-large sausage roll from our MD Daniel, we had a cuppa and a slice to start off our Thursday; and we barely made a dent in the cakes we had!

There was a lot of cake.

But no cakes were wasted – with anything leftover being wrapped up and donated to our local homeless shelter, Julian House. Pete reckons he carried 5 kilos of cakes there in the end!

Later on, we headed to our local pub The Boater, for dinner and a team quiz. Obviously there was plenty of trivia and jokes, but the Play-Doh round was definitely the highlight! The theme was “A trivial pursuit”. Can you guess what any of them are supposed to be? (no prizes for guessing 1 and 3!):

Some of our Play-Doh creations were more... interesting than others.

We also ran a raffle, with prizes provided by The Boater! All proceeds again went to MacMillan Cancer Support, which helped us smash last year’s amount raised.

In total we raised 185 pounds – quite a jump from 115 last year!

Jacob's face when he realised he'd won an empty envelope...

Fancy running your own MacMillan Coffee Morning? Check out their website here.

Our quiz was run by the folks over at “Lets Get Quizzical”. They were fantastic, so check them out if you’re in the south-west!

Also a big thanks to The Boater in Bath for hosting us, and providing our raffle prizes.

Last year, for the first time in our eight years as a company, we met 25 customers for the premiere CoursePro Summit…

…And we loved it! So much so, that we knew we had to do it again.

Fast-forward a year, and here we were again at Hogarths Hotel in Solihull, with 25 power-users of CoursePro for a day of training, discussions and sneak-peeks at the future!

Hogarths Hotel Solihull, our venue for the CoursePro Summit!

What does a CoursePro Summit look like?

This year we had a few aims:
– Run it for a full day.
– Focus more on practical training & tips that people could take away.
– Leave more time for Q&A.

This seems easy on paper, but we wanted to make sure it was engaging and fun throughout the day . So we tried our best to avoid standing up and presenting the whole time!

Throughout the day we had four training sessions, two Q&A sessions, and a development preview; presented by Sue and Alex, with John lending a hand (you can learn more about our whole team here!).

Sue presenting our first session of the day!

The four training sessions

In the morning we showed a sneak peek of some new features coming very soon. After a run-through of the features, we asked everyone in the room for feedback, suggestions and improvements. We’d tell you more but…you’ll just have to wait and see!

Sue then held a contact triggers master-class, discussing the options available, and showcasing examples of best-practice. This was followed by a Marketing workshop with John and Alex, aiming to take a look at some of the features in CoursePro and how they can be optimised to help build a relationship with your members.

In the post-event feedback a lot of people went away with Contact Trigger improvements on their to-do list, which was great to see!!

Our final session was voted on by the attendees, as we wanted to make sure we covered what was important to you. Overall the vote came out in favour of ‘Product ideas’ – a group discussion on topics submitted throughout the day.

Part-discussion and part Q&A, we went back home with more than a few ideas from this session; from broad changes, to little adjustments that could be made to improve day-to-day life on CoursePro.

A snap from our 4th session on Product Ideas!

Of course there were coffee (and muffin) breaks abound, with gaps for chatting and networking between attendees.

One of our favourite bits of feedback was from Sam at GCLL: “Getting to talk to other companies about how their sports programme works with CoursePro was invaluable“.  

Everyone coming together to share ideas on how to use CoursePro in different ways, and solve common issues, is one of the best bits!

The development preview

Throughout the training sessions, we kept it as interactive as possible; but for the development preview, we really focused on capturing the opinions of the attendees.

What did they think two of the features we’ll be looking at next year, should look like? How did they need to be designed to make them useful for everyone?

Splitting the room into a few groups, we asked attendees (along with at least one of our team) to discuss one of the features; is it appropriate them? What are the must-haves and do-withouts?

Due to the variety of different ways people use CoursePro, this type of discussion is really valuable. We can identify functionality we need to focus on, challenge assumptions we’ve made, and adjust our plans accordingly!

Carey and Sue discussing CoursePro's upcoming developments!

Feedback and the future!

Thanks to all those who sent us feedback on this year’s CoursePro Summit! We’re pleased to announce it got an NPS rating of 67 (scored between +100 & -100), with no negative reviews.

Some of our highlights are:

Very well run again, with a good blend of information and interactive tasks.” – Adam from Springfit.

Informative but not boring – I liked it. We came all the way from Dublin, Ireland – the location was fabulous, and the summit was great.” – Ernesta from Gym Plus.

Great chance to meet the CAP2 team, go over in detail and learn lots more about the system. We will be back with the team next year!” – Chris from Wessex Swim School.

But the NPS surveys aren’t just to hear about what you think went well – but what needs to be improved. Our to-do list for next year therefore includes:

  • Considering different locations around the UK for the next CoursePro Summit (-s? Spoilers…).
  • More information about other activities using CoursePro, and how they adjust it for their needs.
  • Considering separating the summits between customers who only use CoursePro, and those on bridges with other systems.
  • Some form of short 1-to-1’s with members of our team (think speed-dating, but with more CoursePro).


Don’t be a stranger!

We’re still discussing our exact plans for next year, but we’ll definitely be running a CoursePro Summit at least once! Make sure to stay tuned, by following us on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Questions? Drop us a line at hello@cap2.co.uk!

Summer is a quieter time for most, with schools out, holidays to go on and great weather to enjoy…..and whilst we’ve been doing some of that, we’ve also been busy!  In fact, our Happy and Helpful team is now the largest it’s ever been.

18 people are now working together to improve CoursePro!  Read on to find out about our new teammates who’ve joined over summer.


Carey Hiles, the new head of development of our Happy and Helpful team!!

Carey Hiles – Head of Development


Carey is a pre-web internet veteran with a passion for software development, believing strongly in Open Source participation and engaging with the development community.

Leading the development of CoursePro, he’ll be creating great features and new functionality for our customers.  He may also be posting some development blogs in the future…stay tuned!

Carey loves a movie, but is currently lacking free time. A newborn daughter has limited the hours he would dedicate to watching things, so he settles for a 90 second trailer instead!

When he does find a free evening you’ll find him in small gig venues, trying to find the bands that remind him of the ones of his youth!



Chris Denmark, our newest Happy and Helpful team member.

Chris Demark – 1st Line Support Consultant


West Country local Chris arrives at CAP2 with a wealth of experience in customer-facing roles, and a great attitude!  Alongside James, Ben and Sam, Chris is just a phone call away if any of our customers need a hand.

Passionate about helping people, Chris has fitted in with our team seamlessly.  He’s also picked up his CoursePro skills scarily quick!

On the weekends, Chris is a keen golfer, playing at the Cumberwell Park Golf Club in Bradford on Avon with his friends, and helping run local golf societies.

He also enjoys taking his dog for a walk (who doesn’t?) with his partner; though if he had to choose again, he’d probably go for a Collie instead of a Jack Russell!



Our Happy and Helpful team out on a sports day in the park!
Want to join our Happy and Helpful team?


Here at CAP2, Our motto isn’t just for show; Happy People. Helpful Software means just that.

We really do want to employ the happiest people in the industry!  Our team are our greatest asset, and we’ll only grow if everyone on the team does as well.

You can see our current available roles here, or send in a speculative application to careers@cap2.co.uk!


Last month John and Alex headed up to Manchester, for Gofest North at the Etihad sports campus!

Blessed with good weather and a great venue, there were over 30 sports and activities to try in the sunshine.

Setting up before the first day!

What was it all about?

Gofest North offered the opportunity for kids of all ages to try a vast range of sports and activities.

Favourites such as Football, Cricket, Hockey, Netball, and the 3 racket-sports featured, with coached sessions being offered throughout the weekend.

But Gofest also went beyond the norm, and offered classes of a variety that can’t be found in one place anywhere else (or at least we think so!).

Some of our favourites included:
– VX (or ‘Rock-It-Ball’), the unique sport that originated in North Yorkshire in 2006.
– Manchester Climbing Centre, who brought an impressive 30ft climbing wall for the weekend!
– Coached sessions of Capoeira, the brazilian combined Dance Martial-Art.
– Rugby sessions run by the Salford Devils, Basketball sessions by Manchester Mystics, as well as Tag American Football intros by EdStart & the Jacksonville Jaguars!
– Family sprints, relays and obstacle course races.

Alex & John with Goggles, the Gofest mascot!

Since the event, John’s been inspired to take up Korfball, the Basketball/Netball hybrid with mixed Male & Female teams; Alex is also thinking about trying Fencing again, having not done it for over ten years prior to GoFest!

In the Manchester area, but missed out on the event?

All sessions were run by local clubs, and you can find out more on the GoFest website (links at the bottom!)

15 sports inside, 15 sports outside…

Gofest South – 21/22 July in Guildford!

Gofest are hosting several of their family-friendly sports & activities weekends across the UK this year – with the next one being on the 21st and 22nd of July, at Gofest South in Guildford, Surrey.

Interested? Tickets are still up for grabs over at www.gofest.co.uk, so check it out!

Hopefully John and Alex will remember their suncream for the next one…

A sneak peek at our upcoming project with Pilkington Recs Rugby League!

On CAP2 & CoursePro’s ninth birthday, we headed up to St Helens to visit our friends at Pilkington Recs Rugby League! A community club based at ruskin drive, they cater to all ages – from toddlers right up to their senior team!

With a fantastic 4G pitch, great turnout from the club for the St Helens Sports Festival, and blue-sky weather, it was great to see them coaching, practising and engaging with their community.

Stay tuned to find out more…

In the meantime, why not check out Pilkington Recs on their website, or if you’re local to the Merseyside area, take a look at the article St Helens Council recently posted on their Sports Festival!


Our last single-digit birthday…we’re growing up! Last year we had eight candles and as many wishes, and we like to think they’ve come true…


From a team of 12 a year ago, we’re now up to 18, our all-time high!

There’s no feeling like seeing your family grow – and we feel lucky to have our biggest team yet.

Fingers crossed that we can squeeze a few more in by our tenth birthday!


We created our first 3 films, sharing our customer’s stories with the sporting world.

You can check out our videos, with Hallamshire Tennis Academy, Active Tameside and Creative Aquatics, here!


We had our first customer summit!

Our summit in Solihull gave us the chance to meet, chat and connect with our customers.

More to come on this soon!


Did you know we published our first post on GDPR this time last year?

We’re certainly glad to have nailed the process!

Thanks to all our customers and partners for working with us throughout.

GDPR was a two-way process for everyone – we couldn’t have done it alone.


We unveiled our new brand identity, inspired by our values.

We hope you love our colourful elephants as much as we do (their names are Kingsley and Ellie by the way!)


We kept trying to improve the way we work, within the industry we all share.

This year we partnered with Gofest, the Royal Life Saving Society UK, and The Pool Cover – you can find out more about all 3 of them on their websites below!





We completed our CAP2 Swimathon!

Supporting Marie Curie, Cancer Research UK and the Swimathon Foundation, we swam over 10 kilometres together for some great causes.

We set this target a while ago, and are chuffed we managed to raise £430!

Roll on the next one…


The whole team at CAP2 are very thankful to have had a great year. Thanks to all of our customers & partners for being part of our story!

Wait…only 7 wishes in the list you say? We’ll unveil the 8th soon enough ???? Stay tuned!

You probably have a lot on your mind right now, what with planning barbecues, the Bank Holiday, and maybe even a bit of GDPR on the side…..so here’s something different to take your mind off things, the details behind our latest team-building adventure!


The CAP2 Team-building day out!


Trying something different on our latest team-building day.


We like to change things up and get outdoors – so for our team day out this time around, we thought about doing something different. Team activities are great; whether its building rafts, racing karts or making sure an egg survives falling off a roof, we think they’re a great way to bring people together.


When we came round to planning our latest team day out however, we wanted to have a day without pressure. No challenges or competitions on this one, just family time!


As a result, we set our sights on completing something different – namely, walking the Avon Valley 16 kilometre trail you can see below!


The Avon Valley walking trail.


A few pictures from our walk!


The sun came out, and whilst hiking up hills, walking beside canals & ambling through meadows, we chatted away and got to know each other a little better.


We think it was a great way to spend a team day slightly differently; and getting lost once or twice was all part of the plan!


Here’s a few snapshots from our walk, taken whilst we ambled & explored:


Whilst challenges and competitions can be great fun, we really think our different day out helped bring us closer together.


Got an idea for our next team day out? Tweet it at us @theCAP2team! The craziest idea we’ve had suggested so far is ‘Duck Herding’…let us know if you can beat it!


The CAP2 team’s charity Swimathon!

In Bradford On Avon

Nine happy CAP2ers have taken part in Swimathon 2018, the world’s biggest fundraising swimming event, cheered on by our colleagues, friends and family!

On Sunday 29th we headed down together to the local Bradford on Avon pool, with our supporters in tow.

The CAP2 Swimathon Team!

The CAP2 Swim Team!

Each team member swam over 1.25km – together, swimming more than the distance between Porstmouth & the Isle of Wight!

Thanks a bunch to everyone who supported and cheered us on! You helped us raise £430 for the Swimathon Foundation, Marie Curie and Cancer Research UK – well over our target of £300!

CAP2 Swimathon supporters

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us!

We’re looking forward to making this a yearly addition to the CAP2 Calendar.


Swimathon video highlight



Other links


Thanks to the team at Bradford On Avon Pool for their help!





Here at CAP2 we love to bring new and exciting benefits to our customers.


Our strong partnership based approach to the way we work has delivered huge improvements to the way the sports course industry operates.


Now, thanks to our excellent partners, The Pool Cover, we’re able to deliver even more benefits to you.


For our current customers:

If you’re trying to look after the pennies this January, our partnership is here to help … Until January 31st, The Pool Cover are offering all CAP2 customers a 20% discount off job vacancy listings on their PoolCover platform. You can Tweet, DM or email them at (info@thepoolcover.co.uk) and ask for your #2018Treat.


For prospective customers:

Plus, to make the deal even sweeter.. here at CAP2, we are offering all PoolCover customers a 10% reduction on the cost of CoursePro training. To let us know you’d like to take up the offer, you can tweet or Facebook us with #CAP2seasonal18 or email us at sales@cap2.co.uk.



We speak to the people who make CAP2..CAP2


James. Support

The innovating, the friendly, the amazing company that is CAP2, is not just a company! To me CAP2 is a family, a way of life, a reason to push through the tedious traffic of Bath!

CAP2 is a refreshing and enlightening experience.


Hazel. Developer

I decided to join CAP2 as there was something different about the company, something I saw straight away in my interview. I had never before spent so much time laughing in an interview! They truly are happy people.

CAP2 as a family really live up to the values and I am highly proud to work here.


Aaron. Head of Development

Hi I’m Aaron. CAP2 is the best company I’ve ever worked for, and I love it!! Let me tell you why..

At CAP2, “Happy People, Helpful Software” isn’t just marketing blurb, it’s genuine, born out of the culture we have and the products we develop. My role is to head up our dev team and make sure we keep everything we do, happy and helpful!


Alex. Sales and Marketing Manager

Hi I’m Alex. I love working here, from the very beginning I’ve been able to see the huge potential of CoursePro. Seeing the business grow, and with it our friendly, happy, helpful team, has been an amazing experience and a huge amount of fun!


Sue. Operations Manager and Product Owner

Hi I’m Sue, my favourite thing about working at CAP2 is the people! I’m the Ops Manager which means I get to be part of a fun team who look after our customers! I’m also the Product Owner so I get to work in the Dev ‘Cave’ too!

We are a mixed bunch, from all over the place, yet we fit well together. We care about each other’s happiness, laughs are common and support is always given.


Val. Senior Developer

Hi I’m Val. I like working at CAP2 because I enjoy the work and I love the people I work with. I’m one of the developers so my job is to improve the software by writing new features or fixing bugs!


Kieran. Sales Exec

Hi I’m Kieran and I’m new here! This is a company that I am thrilled to be a part of. I have noticed the highly effective people that thrive with each other, it helps us to provide great service to customers as well as the companies and charities we serve. We want to help everyone around us as well as our own people!


Peter. Senior Developer

love working at CAP2 due to the friendly and awesome people I work with, the challenges and puzzles we get to solve together and the satisfaction of producing a product I can be proud of.


Ben. Support

Hi I’m Ben and have just started working for CAP2. I’ve only been here a month or so, but I have felt immediately welcomed, not only into the team, but into the family, and I really feel I can grow and prosper here.

My role is within the Support department, I’m already enjoying the role and looking forward to getting even more stuck into the job, showing my passion throughout!


Patrick. Senior Developer

As somebody who has experienced a number of workplaces now, I particularly enjoy the caring atmosphere. I appreciate we are also here to do our job and improve a great product and user experience. Being a developer, I feel at the centre of being able to contribute that.


Emma. Support

Hi there I’m Emma. I joined CAP2 to learn more about software and to work somewhere with a lot of customer interaction. The family feel in the team has made my first month or two here really fun and enjoyable!


Karol. Developer

Hi I’m Karol. I like working at CAP2 because I’m getting so many opportunities to learn new stuff and because of the super-friendly environment we have here!


Sam. Trainer

Hi I’m Sam, I love training our new customers, knowing that they’re going to make so much use out of our neat product gives me a real buzz! The team here are lovely and all so considerate for one another, it’s a great place to work!


John. Sales Exec


Hi I’m John, from the moment I was offered the job as Sales Exec here I’ve been very excited. CAP2 is at the forefront of modern sports development and so to be a part of that is a brilliant opportunity.


Daniel. GM

Since our birth in 2009, CAP2 has changed the way Leisure Operators, sports clubs and businesses run their lessons and course programmes and products. Our market-leading software has simply transformed the industry.

I have been a customer of CAP2’s in a business sense and in the parent sense, I use the product weekly with my own kids. So I really do value the product.

As we look to the future our company will have the opportunity to assume an even greater role in the market where our people, customers and products thrive.

I love working at CAP2, and I love the team and everything we do [I really do]. keeping our happy, helpful culture is the most important ingredient to the future at CAP2!