‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through CAP2, we were still busy working to help make sure all of our wonderful CoursePro users were ready for the new year! Disclaimer: (There may have been some fun being had in the process)

Hello everyone! Before we get into all the technical stuff, I just wanted to wish those of your celebrating, a very merry Christmas. I hope that you all enjoy the seasonal fun and festivities. We’re so thrilled to work with so many fantastic sports providers, you really do make a difference, and we hope we can continue to help you do so throughout the new year!

So, onto my very last tip of 2017!

This last blog focuses on Replacement Sessions.

The design idea for replacement sessions is that they are not taken in the member’s current class. Instead, the member will receive the chance to attend a different class using their replacement session. Often this will be in the same week as the absence from their normal class.

To begin with, a pre-word from me to say, this is all a bit complex! I hope I’ve made my blog easy to understand for you, but for anyone who needs further information regarding Replacement sessions, we have an entire space set out for this topic on Zendesk here.

One of the major questions we’re faced with regarding Replacement sessions is: Can I add a replacement session onto the end of a member’s top-up period?

So, here goes an answer! 🙂 

The main issue with topping up from a replacement session is that the lessons are technically ‘one-offs’. This means that CoursePro cannot create a top up because the information is only based on a singular class and not the full course the member takes part in.

(The crux of the issue here is in how the top up process works.  It will always look at the most recent active allocation for a class and take the type, payment plan and class details from this information. This works perfectly well for the normal top-up process.The issue here is that replacement sessions are a completely separate allocation.)

If the replacement session is added to the end of a members set of allocations for their normal class, the top up code will only look at their most recent active allocation. Hence, no top-up will be made as the code reads the replacement session’s allocation.

You will be able to override this and top a member up for the class from the main system manually.

Homeportal top ups have a completely different set of code and this cannot handle the top up from a one off session.

One of the biggest tips I can give is to make sure that you book replacement sessions as close to a member’s planned absence as possible. This is because, if a replacement session is not directly after the end of a member’s existing sessions, any top up in the main system will be applied after the replacement session. This means that if their normal allocation ends this week and there is a gap of a week or two before the replacement, this gap will remain and can cause reporting and finance record inaccuracies.  They may also attend sessions they do not have an allocation for (in their normal class) but won’t be on the register, which of course can cause confusion. Booking replacement sessions close to planned absences is really easy to do and just enables you to keep tight control on all of your members.

I am always happy to hear from customers, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. samantha.holcombe@cap2.co.uk .

Have a fantastic, festive holiday, I can’t wait to continue working with you throughout 2018!

Sam, samantha.holcombe@cap2.co.uk .



In the new year, we’ll be unveiling all 6 of our new members that we’ve added to the growing CAP2 team. We’re so excited and we just can’t hide it!!



A big CAP2 welcome to Emma!



Our first new team member is Emma Corbett. Maths Graduate Emma might share her name with one of Britain’s most popular comedians (Ronnie!) but there’s no funny business when it comes to her passion for customer service!

‘One of the main reasons I came to CAP2 was down to the culture here. As soon as you go onto the website or do a bit of research, you see just how much everyone enjoys working at CAP2.

I’ve got a lot of experience working in customer service, and have been in customer facing roles since I was 16, so it’s fair to say I like helping people!’

Emma’s time spent working and learning with huge institutions such as the NHS and PWC has given her great insight into best practise within customer:business relationships.

‘I can’t wait to get started, getting to work with so many exciting and genuinely caring customers is something that enthuses me hugely.

I used to play Squash for Dorset and I’m a keen runner and swimmer so I know the importance of pushing the industry forward and CoursePro is clearly a huge step forward for businesses.’

And it’s no surprise that Emma was successful in joining the team, her self-proclaimed; happy, helpful outlook on life means she’s a perfect fit here at CAP2.

We’re delighted to welcome Emma, keep a look-out over the new year as we introduce all of the new faces here at CAP2!

We’d love to take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas, we can’t wait to continue working together in 2018!


Moving to new contact triggers

Hi everyone, once again thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I can’t believe we’re already 3 weeks in and now so close to all the festivities!

This week, I’m going to be talking all about contact triggers. I’m on a mission to help move all of our customers onto the new triggers. The new format is a huge advancement on the old version and can really help make your use of CoursePro even more efficient! The new triggers aren’t just more efficient, they also make it possible to deliver more personable customer communication via text and email. We like keeping our customers happy, just the same as you do!

The new triggers were introduced in May 2015, so if you started using CoursePro after May 2015 you’ll already be using our new contact triggers. Those of you who have been with us longer may still be on the old contact triggers, to find out which version of contact triggers you are using please contact support@cap2.co.uk .

Old vs New Triggers

Why use new triggers? Click on the links below to go to our website and see a more detailed description:

If you’d like to see a full list of new and old trigger functionality, I highly recommend visiting our Zendesk blog where all the trigger information is displayed.

So how do you set-up the new triggers!?

It’s all pretty simple really! Take a look at the link here to update to the new triggers.
I’m more than happy to be contacted via email if you have further questions at samantha.holcombe@cap2.co.uk .


It’s that time again! Sam’s festive blog returns for its second instalment.

So, set your crackers down and pause the present wrapping!

Just in case you missed it, we spent our Christmas card printing budget on charity this year! All the info is here!

Hi everyone, thanks for taking a look at my weekly blog. In our second seasonal instalment of CoursePro top tips, we will be learning all about Soft Delete and Hard Delete.


Recently we have seen an increase in calls and Tickets to the Support team, we’ve seen that customers have been deleting classes without completely understanding the impact this will have on their courses.

There are 2 types of Delete for a class in CoursePro; Delete and Completely Delete:

So which one should you use?  That depends on what you are trying to do.

  1. You wish to remove a class that you will no longer be running

Use Delete – Note you need to leave all the members from the class first

  1. You have made a mistake and members have already been booked into the class

Use Completely Delete – This will remove the class as if it never existed and give a Positive Course Balance to any members that are in the class.  This Course Balance will be for the full amount of the class that the member paid.

Note: If you just need to change the time/day of the class, you can click Edit on the class and edit the time/day.  This will also effect the class in the past.

The impact

Using the wrong delete can cause you a huge amount of work, impacting the members financial screen; leaving your members in credit, which in turn, means you will individually need to work out who does not need that credit on their account, which can be very frustrating!

Support are here to help you with this, – however having a better understanding first before deleting could make your life a lot easier and keep us all smiling!

I’m more than happy to be contacted via email if you have further questions at samantha.holcombe@cap2.co.uk .