Here at CAP2, we’re always looking for new ways to be useful!


It’s why we’ve teamed up with The Pool Cover. Our new partnership with the swimming industry’s premier jobs network is helping to bring more swim schools and teachers closer together.


The Pool cover not only enable teachers to find their dream jobs from around the UK and Ireland, but also help swim schools to find their perfect teachers!


Dan Haywood, our GM here at CAP2 is excited about the new partnership.


‘CAP2 as an organisation is a little different to your average software company. We work in this industry to the benefit of sports clubs and that really is our complete focus. If there’s a way that we can help sports clubs grow, improve and generate increased participation, then we quite simply have to get involved! That help is obvious in our software, but we’re happy to help in other ways too. We’ve got lots of people reading our weekly newsletter to learn best practices and top tips, and partnerships such as with Swim England, Zoggs, Royal Life Saving Society, Gofest and now The Pool Cover are really all about promoting a way forward for sports providers to help improve their businesses, whether that be through participation, new schemes & projects or the inner workings of a business. We simply want to help!’


CoursePro’s market leading position gives us great insight into the world of swimming. With 1000s of swim school sites using the software to help improve admin, engagement, interaction, retention and more, we’re able to give help and advice, whilst aiding swim providers to share ideas, something that Chris Watson, The Pool Cover’s co-founder is also deeply passionate about:


‘We are excited for the future of swimming and hope that together we can achieve our mission of creating more opportunities for those wanting to learn how to swim. In partnering with CAP2 we believe that our strategy and vision as a technology-led business can help bring the aquatics industry into the new digital era.’


We’re delighted to be working together for the benefit of all in the swimming industry and look forward to jointly improving the way swim schools work. We’ll be sharing lots more on the outcome of our new partnership over coming months.



To find out more about our new partners, visit their site at

No BAFTA just yet – but we love our new films!

We’re delighted to invite you to view our latest CAP2 films.

All are available on our case studies page here plus more CAP2 films are on our Youtube page here.

You can watch our three case studies below!


The Academy, Hallamshire Tennis and Squash Club



Creative Aquatic Swimming



Active Tameside Gymnastics


Have you visited our new Youtube channel?

We’re delighted to show off our customer stories from the world of Tennis, Swimming and Gymnastics.

A huge thanks to The Academy of Tennis, Creative Aquatic and Active Tameside.

You can visit the full channel here



How Exeter Chiefs are driving junior rugby.

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This week we’re delighted to have had time to speak with Exeter Chiefs Rugby Community Manager Andrew Dudley.

Having started out as a coach at the club, Andrew worked his way up to become the new Community Manager and has seen the club continue their extraordinary success.


The Community aspect of the Club started in 2008 just before Exeter were promoted into the Premiership and has grown to encompass coaching for more than 10,000 children yearly throughout the South West of the UK.


‘We primarily focus on two aspects within our operation. The first part is what we call Break-Through. This is our community based arm that looks to create social change through Rugby. The idea behind this is to enrich the lives of the communities we serve in our way. So that might be through promoting healthy eating, improving young people’s maths skills or helping young people get back on track through our programmes. The whole point is to be an asset to the community.’


‘Our other focus is our Play Programme. We want to enrich the rugby experience that kids get, so we encourage juniors to get involved in the programme. The whole point is to make everybody welcome and enjoy playing rugby in a fun, safe, educational environment.’


‘Having just won the Premiership, the Exeter Chiefs brand is a great draw and we’re making the most of the increased attention the Club is receiving. We work hand in hand with the main Club’s social media platforms and really try to drive participation this way.’


‘Enjoyment drives participation. If people are having fun they’ll come back. It’s as simple as that. Our aim is to get a ball in every child’s hand and to do that our programmes have to be fun. If kids see sport as a chore then participation is bound to fall so we focus on the love of the sport and make sure that kids enjoy playing rugby.’


Andrew’s success with the Community side of Exeter Chiefs has certainly played a part in the team’s success on the pitch. The Chief’s Academy is known to be one of the best in the country, something that has filtered up from the Community’s work.


‘We want to grow rugby and the best way to do that, as in any sport, is to improve the knowledge of your coaches. The better your coaches, the better the sessions; meaning the more young Chiefs players and fans we’ll produce!’

So what advice does Andrew have for other clubs looking to grow their own reach?

‘From a business side, it’s really important to make good use of social media. We’re all over Twitter and Facebook, and we use the Club’s brand to really drive our programmes.’



And what for the future of rugby as a sport?


‘The growing success of the national team can only help the growth of the sport over the next few years. Moreso, I think it’s about making sure our coaches are equipped. The more knowledge we can pass onto coaches, the more the rugby product improves.’


We’d like to say a huge thank you to Andrew for taking the time to chat with us. If you’d like more information about the Chiefs Community you can visit their website here.


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In time for our exciting new launch, we’re delighted to be announcing our extended partnership with Swim England.


Katie Towner, Swim England Head of Learn to Swim is delighted with the extension of our successful partnership.

‘We are really pleased to be able to extend our partnership with CAP2 and continue our work together to improve the delivery of swimming lessons across the country. Reward and recognition is a huge part of learning to swim and CoursePro makes it easier for swimming teachers and parents to celebrate a child’s achievement.’
Daniel Haywood, General Manager here at CAP2 is just as pleased!


‘Here at Cap2, we’re delighted to be renewing our long term partnership with Swim England. We want to help more swim schools benefit from our software. This helps to reduce their admin worries whilst improving their interaction, engagement and overall retention. This partnership not only means that we’ll be working together to help drive participation, but it also means that we’ll continue to automatically upload Swim England Awards into CoursePro.’


Whilst CAP2 and Swim England might have changed in look over the last few years, the partnership has been going strong since 2011. Long may it continue!


‘We might be changing how we look, but we’re not changing how we operate. We’re going to continue to help sports grow in our CAP2 way, and we’re excited to take more and more sports clubs on our journey!’ 


For more information regarding Swim England, you can visit their website here.

What better way for the happy people here at CAP2 to celebrate the beginning of the new school and sports course year than to introduce our exciting new identity!



The Elephant in the room!

Did you know

The average wild elephant will walk more than 50 miles every day. That means the speediest of elephants could have walked more than 145,000 miles since CAP2’s conception in 2009; the equivalent of 5.8 times around the world!

Our Journey

Now, we can’t profess to have travelled that far on foot! But here at CAP2, we’re on a mission; our journey has taken us from the back of a small leisure centre in Taunton, to the front and centre stage of the software market, with more than 3 million members enrolled into sport using CoursePro across over 1400 sites worldwide!


Ok, so we’re on a journey, but why Elephants?

We think our brand represents more than just software. An elephant never forgets and neither will we! Our core values are at the forefront of our identity.


Won’t you join us!?

We’d love to receive your support for our new brand on social media. If you’ve got anything nice to say about our fun loving new logo, we’d love you to say hello using the tag @theCap2team on Twitter and Facebook. #allnewCAP2


Do you need our new logos?

If you use our old logo within your business or would like to receive a copy of our new elephants, please get in touch with Rob on and he’ll happily provide you with our new branding.

Thank you for your support

Our new branding doesn’t just look good, it does good too!

By sponsoring an Elephant through the WWF (World Wildlife fund) we’re helping to protect the future of Asian elephants.


To do your bit for the animal kingdom’s most beloved creatures, you can visit the adopt an elephant link here!