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Introducing the Development team

After last week’s introduction of the support team (available here) this time around, the Development team get their chance to say hello!

We know the development team are often hidden away and unable to introduce themselves to you as customers whilst they concentrate on improving the product, so here they are!!

In order to get to know our diligent developers a little better and in the fitting sporty spirit of Cap2 we asked: If the gang could have been professional athletes, which sport would they have picked!?

Patrick Van Den Hurk
‘Being Dutch, you might expect my athletic prowess to come from the world of bicycles. But that sounds like far too much hard-work! I’d choose Archery if I could compete in any sport; having to concentrate on the target is something I would be able to carry through from my work ‘
Peter Weikert
‘I’m quite well known for my love of a good suit here at Cap2. If I had any sort of hand-eye coordination, I wouldn’t have minded going into Snooker; more for the very suave clothing that they wear than any real talent in the shot making department!! ‘
Val Stone
‘If I had the chance to be a professional athlete I would have been a marathon runner. I take part in marathons in my spare time, but I’m not quite as quick as Mo Farah! I’m not particularly fast but I do have a lot of energy and stamina, enough that I once ran 40 miles around the Isle of Wight in a day!’
Karol Natorski
‘For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a professional footballer. I played in a semi-professional team when I was a teenager, but after some time I started playing with computers more, then coding, so I gave up football almost completely. I still enjoy playing football occasionally but computing is my passion!’
Tracy Bennett
‘I quite like the look of roller derby.  Thundering around a track, taking people out,  seems like an ideal way to de-stress.  Not too sure about the outfits though!’

Cap2 GM Daniel Haywood gives the development team some well earned plaudits.

‘Being in the development team at Cap2 is an exciting role. It’s a bit like paddling the wrong way up a river, no matter how much work you do, there’s always going to be new ideas and more to create, but that’s half the fun! The team do an extraordinary amount of work ensuring we keep CoursePro incredibly secure and safe to host all of your data. The team are constantly developing and improving CoursePro, the product is always evolving so their work is pivotal. ‘ 

Introducing the Support team


We’re a friendly bunch here at Cap2! It’s why we’re known as the happy people behind the helpful software.

This week, it’s the Support team’s turn to take the Cap2 limelight. We’re delighted to introduce James, Hazel and Sam. Aside from helping you on the end of phone calls and answering your tickets online, the trio are also a hugely valued part of the Cap2 team.

GM Daniel Haywood gives us the low-down on the Support team.

‘The Support team here at Cap2 are vitally important in helping our customers make the most of CoursePro. The team commit their time to helping customers through any issues they might have and genuinely care about the people they’re helping, they really go out of their way to help.’ 

So, what makes our Support superstars tick!?

‘I’m a big Oasis fan and when I’m away from helping our lovely customers here at Cap2, I really enjoy playing the guitar. Living near to Glastonbury means that I get the chance to go to some of the brilliant music festivals around the area. Working at Cap2 is great, the team ethos and happy environment here makes the company really special.’
‘I’m a real horsey-person, I love riding and looking after horses, it’s been a passion of mine since I was very very small! Working at Cap2 is great because the customers really mean something, they’re making lives better by getting kids into sport, so giving them the help that we do feels really good.’
‘When you first come to Cap2 it hits you straight away that everyone is working together. We really just want to help the customers we serve to build and improve their business. I’ve recently made two big decisions, one was to join Cap2 in May, the other was to take part in a triathlon! The triathlon was definitely the scarier decision!! Wish me luck.’

The Support team are always happy to receive your questions and queries. We hope this helps to put a face and character to a name! The team are available Monday-Friday, 9.00am – 5.30pm on 0845 504 8511 or via

Finally Wimbledon is here. The most prestigious Tennis tournament in the world always helps increase the popularity of the sport. Local courts will be far busier over the next 2 weeks than at any other time during the course of the year.


As ever, here at Cap2 we’ll be cheering on our favourites throughout the tournament. From the top British hopefuls of Andy Murray and Johanna Konta, to the ever brilliant Roger Federer, this year’s tournament looks to be one of the most exciting in recent years.




CoursePro’s ability to help improve the retention of the youngsters who join your club over the next few weeks is just one of the brilliant ways the software increases the professionalism and output of your Tennis Club.


Click here to find out what The Academy of Tennis at Hallamshire Tennis Club make of CoursePro’s use in the world of Tennis.