How many 8 year old’s can say that they’ve enabled more than 3 million people to enroll into sports lessons throughout the world!?


Ok, the comparison between CoursePro and that of an 8 year old child might be a little unfair! But, CoursePro’s 8th birthday is not only a cause to bring out the party poppers and cake. It’s also a milestone where we celebrate the revolution that CoursePro has inspired in the world of sports courses. With 1000s of sports clubs, from Swim Schools and Tennis Clubs, to Nordic Walking activities and Trampolining lessons, our 8 year birthday celebration of CoursePro is a huge achievement for the many people who have worked on and developed the product.


From the small, humble beginnings of the product and its two founders in 2009 in the back-office of a swim school in Taunton, Somerset, the product is now used by well over 40 different sporting industries and activities and has been an important step forward for the sports lesson industry.


Happy birthday CoursePro and all of the brilliant customers who have made it the leading course software!

A bit like London Buses, we wait for a few months to select our new additions to the Cap2 team, and then two appear in the space of just a few weeks.

After introducing Sam Holcombe last time around (our new Customer Relationship Consultant), this week it’s the turn of our new QA Analyst Tracy Bennett!

After growing up in Bristol, Tracy has thus far spent the majority of her career at Virgin Mobile (interestingly the same company that Sam also spent a number of years at). Tracy moved to Warminster in sleepy Wiltshire for the peace and tranquility that her motorbikes were after! Tracy’s love for Motorbiking means that the 5 bikes that sit in her garage at home have become part of the family! Apt not only because Tracy’s cousin was famous professional Grand Prix motorcyclist Bill Ivy, but also because family is exactly the reason she came to Cap2.

‘One of the main reasons I was so excited to join Cap2 was because of the friendly family atmosphere here. It was the first thing that hit me during my interview. The happy environment was exactly what I was looking for.’

‘I’m really pleased to be here, and am really looking forward to continuing the Cap2 culture. I like to be honest with customers and keep a great rapport. I love how quickly the company is growing and am very enthusiastic about the future progression we can make to the product and for the customers.’

So what’s Tracy’s job!? QA Analyst is a bit of a scary job title, practically, it means she’s responsible for trying to break everything that the Cap2 team develop! It means that the development work the team do is quality assured, something that Tracy is excited to be involved with;

‘It’s a great product and really you can see how vital it is to the customers, I can’t wait to get started!’

Welcome to the team Tracy!

A big thank you to the team at The Academy of Tennis at Hallamshire Tennis, Squash and Racketball Club for their assistance in our CoursePro Tennis filming on Wednesday.


Jason Torpey, Head Coach at the Academy of Tennis is quizzed on CoursePro’s role at Hallamshire.


The filming was the second in a series of CoursePro films that will be released later on this year. The aim of the films is to learn more about our wonderful customers and get to know more about the way they use CoursePro.

The Academy of Tennis have been doubly helpful to Cap2 over the last few months, also taking part in our CoursePro Case Study, available to read here.

A huge thank you to all involved! We’re excited to keep you updated and let you know when the films are finished.

Last Thursday’s CoursePro Customer Summit may have been the very first of its kind for the team here at Cap2, but its success has already sparked conversations about the next one!

The day was organised into 4 different sections:

  • A fun welcoming game with coffee and refreshment
  • Entertaining and informative talks from 4 of the team on different & new CoursePro aspects
  • More Coffee! Followed by a CoursePro Workshop aimed at exploring the development process
  • And a networking/Question & Answer session, followed by more refreshment and lunch!

Cap2 GM Daniel Haywood eagerly awaits the entrance of the day’s guests.

The day began with a light hearted game of ‘Guess the film’, where the 25 attendees were tasked with reading each others minds; a pretty scary ice breaker come to think of it!!



Next up, the CoursePro guests were given special insight into a wide variety of CoursePro knowledge. Talks from 4 of the team covered topics such as; new opportunities and future add-ons, improving your current use of CoursePro, learning about the development process and much much more.


We even managed to rope in Nathaniel Birkett, Head of The Swim Specialist, to perform the role of our glamorous magician’s assistant!

The Customer Workshop element of the day was a roaring success, giving the guests the chance to work through new CoursePro opportunities and put into practise their problem solving skills! The Customers were asked to work together as teams to try to add their insight into the way forward for CoursePro developments.



Before the day came to a close, more than an hour of time was devoted to networking opportunities. Customers could gather tips and advice from their peers, whilst the Cap2 team also worked the room, helping to answer any and all questions that the attendees had.



We’ve received some lovely feedback from so many of the customers who attended the event. We’re pleased to announce that having sent out an NPS Survey at the end of the day, we’ve received a score of 82, meaning the majority of our customers scored the day as an 8/10 or better! (This is far higher than the industry average).


Sam White, GCL – ‘It was really great to meet the team and to hear about the new ideas. I thought the workshop was a great idea to help us as companies understand how much thought you put into even small changes. It has definitely given some food for thought. Thanks guys really well organised hope you put some more on in the future.’

Chris Rockall, Northampton Leisure Trust – ‘I found the summit beneficial, it allowed me to meet other users and bench mark both our sessions and the way CoursePro is used. Meeting the Cap2 team and putting a face to the names was useful. It was very relaxed and informative and I would suggest to anyone that they should attend.’


We’d like to thank every single guest for attending the day. We hugely enjoyed our very first Summit, and are already in planning for the next one. We’ll keep all customers updated with news on our next event and are glad to hear any of your suggestions at

As part of the EU Data Protection law change, we at Cap2 are starting to work towards adhering to the new Data Protection laws (General Data Protection Regulation). The law change will impact your business policy and practices, such as with regard to storing data and communicating with contacts.

Although the change doesn’t come into action until next year (25th May 2018), it is worthwhile starting to look at the ways you hold and use data as it may have a large impact on the way you currently work.

We plan to keep you updated with the changes we are making over the upcoming months and how they make effect you operationally.

For more information on the law changes, and the effects this might have on your business, you can visit the link here 

We’re delighted to announce that our very first CoursePro Customer Summit will take place on Thursday the 8th of June. The event will be hosted for a small collection of customers at the Hogarths Hotel in Solihull.

The event is aimed at helping you learn more about CoursePro and the Cap2 team, gain some free training, hear about our top tips and much more. It’s completely free to attend and should prove great fun!

As the event will be our very first (of many we hope!), we’ve decided to cap the invites to 25 organisations, that way we’ll get a great chance to speak to all the attendees personally.

The first set of invitations have been sent out to those customers who first registered their interest in the Summit back in December.

However, fear not! Those of you who didn’t get a chance to register your interest in the event may still have the chance to attend. Simply email us at, let us know you’d be interested in attending and we’ll be back in contact as soon as a space becomes available.


For those of you who are already attending, details regarding the day can be found below. Remember to accept our invitation by confirming with us at .

The event:Please arrive prior to 10am for a 10am start. Upon arrival please make your way to the Reception area where you will be directed to the Cap2 conference room.

Lunch will be provided along with drinks and refreshment. The day will finish at 2pm, we hope this gives some of you the chance to get back for evening lessons.

The location:

Hogarths Hotel Ltd
Four Ashes Road
West Midlands
B93 8QE

We look forward to seeing you there!