We’re delighted to announce that our very first CoursePro Customer Summit will take place on Thursday the 8th of June. The event will be hosted for a small collection of customers at the Hogarths Hotel in Solihull.

The event is aimed at helping you learn more about CoursePro and the Cap2 team, gain some free training, hear about our top tips and much more. It’s completely free to attend and should prove great fun!

As the event will be our very first (of many we hope!), we’ve decided to cap the invites to 25 organisations, that way we’ll get a great chance to speak to all the attendees personally.

The first set of invitations have been sent out to those customers who first registered their interest in the Summit back in December.

However, fear not! Those of you who didn’t get a chance to register your interest in the event may still have the chance to attend. Simply email us at marketing@cap2.co.uk, let us know you’d be interested in attending and we’ll be back in contact as soon as a space becomes available.


For those of you who are already attending, details regarding the day can be found below. Remember to accept our invitation by confirming with us at marketing@cap2.co.uk .

The event:

Please arrive prior to 10am for a 10am start. Upon arrival please make your way to the Reception area where you will be directed to the Cap2 conference room.

Lunch will be provided along with drinks and refreshment. The day will finish at 2pm, we hope this gives some of you the chance to get back for evening lessons.

The location:

Hogarths Hotel Ltd
Four Ashes Road
West Midlands
B93 8QE

We look forward to seeing you there!

CoursePro is our leading product here at Cap2 Solutions. Its ability to transform the way sports clubs run and manage every aspect of their business, from administration to customer communication has seen it become the revolutionary market leading product that thousands of sites worldwide are now using.

CoursePro started off life as a purely swimming related product, partnerships with organisations such as Swim England and Zoggs have seen the product push the Learn to Swim industry in a new direction with technology at the forefront of its widespread appeal.

Cap2 Solutions

Having already changed the path of swimming lessons, other sports providers such as Tennis, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Football, Athletics, Golf and various other types of sports clubs are now moving towards CoursePro in order to improve the way their organisations schedule lessons, deal with bookings, assessments, grading and waiting lists.

CoursePro’s multi-functionality is a major reason for its success, to find out more about its features, click here.

A bit like any good business idea, the origins of CoursePro lead back to 4 key things:


  • Some passionate people

  • A problem

  • A EUREKA moment

  • And a pretty great solution

The passionate people


Cap2 was formed back in 2009 by Pete Walker and Ross Mccaw. The two young men had two things in common, they loved sport, and they loved technology!


They’re not the only passionate people in the Cap2 story. Pete and Ross worked hand in hand with their local leisure centre full of passionate sports teachers and coaches who helped push their great idea forward!


So what was the problem!?


Before CoursePro, sports teachers and coaches from Swim Schools, Tennis Clubs, Gymnastics Clubs, Martial Arts Clubs and many many more struggled with the issues of admin. If marking registers and assessing students whilst running a class wasn’t tough enough already, they also had the job of scheduling lessons, creating lesson plans, developing timetables, organising bookings and top-ups, retaining customer information, contacting and engaging customers and feeding back achievement and assessment news to parents. In fact, there’s a huge amount more to it than that, but you can see the problem; teachers weren’t teaching, they were doing admin!



The EUREKA moment


The two young men had their EUREKA moment whilst sat at their local leisure centre in Taunton. The pair, who had an eye for technology, noticed the difficulties that the centre had in organising their courses and came up with a plan…




The solution


CoursePro would be the first and the leader of its kind. A software that did not just help Sports Clubs to change the way that they dealt with admin, but a revolutionary tool that would hugely reduce the amount of time and effort Clubs put into non-teaching work.


The company, now with a new management team, has become one of the fasting growing firms of its kind, leading the market. To date CoursePro is used in thousands of sites worldwide to manage more than 2.6 million members. The product is used by more than 30 different sports and activities and is revolutionising sports courses all over the world.





Want to find out more about CoursePro?

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