According to the latest Sport England survey, the second half of 2015/2016 saw a rise in the percent of over 16s who took part in 30 minutes of moderate intensity sport (in the month the survey took place). However, overall the percent of people taking part more frequently fell.

Whilst participation in regular sport may have fallen slightly, the overall trend since 2005 has been an increase in the percent of people taking part in 3 moderate intensity sport sessions per week. This stat means an increase of more than 1.4 million people frequently playing sport.

With this encouraging news for sport participation over the last 10 years, 2017 could be set for more improvement.

Technology is becoming a big part of the push for participation in sport. CoursePro is now being seen as the new way for Sports Providers to manage their courses. The software, which is used by more than 1000 sports clubs worldwide is revolutionising sports courses with its easy to use interface. The product enables improved course co-ordination, administration, customer interaction and player engagement and is the overall system that highly improves the way courses and lessons are run.

Clubs are seeing CoursePro as the modern way to improve retention and participation, and with its HomePortal site, which allows players to track their progress and achievements, more and more people are looking to spend more and more time improving their achievements in sport.

More information on participation statistics is available here

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As a CoursePro user, sometimes you’ll need to access your customers’ HomePortal. This might be because a customer is having a problem using their site, is disputing a grade, or perhaps has made a mistake which you’d like to check.


CoursePro has a smart way to help you access your customers’ HomePortal sites. By using the ‘Generate Login Token’ tool, you’re able to create a one off password for a customer’s account.


To use this tool simply log in to your CoursePro, click onto members and select the member you wish to view. Scroll down to the HomePortal box and click Generate Login Token.



By doing so, you’ll be given a long token such as:


Copy and paste this token into the HomePortal log in box, alongside the member’s email address.


And hey presto, you’re in! From there, you’ll be able to view all the information that your customer can see which puts you and your centre in a great position to be able to help with any problems or issues that a customer might face.


Neither you nor your staff will be able to make any payment, booking or top-up using this method, it’s simply a great way to see a member’s view of HomePortal and can potentially help you to help your customers.


ukactive is the UK’s leading not-for-profit body for physical activity, working with over 4,000 members and stakeholders across the UK. They champion the fun, enjoyment and benefits of being active and facilitate big impact partnerships across the public and private sector.



As part of Cap2’s ongoing efforts to improve the way Sports Clubs are run, we are delighted to announce our membership of the organisation.


Our leading product, CoursePro, is the market leading sports course software for Leisure Centres, Swim Schools, Tennis Clubs and hundreds of other Sports Providers. The software helps improve the way that courses are run and has more than 2.6 million members enrolled on the software. The product’s interactivity is helping to improve take-up and retention at clubs and centres worldwide.



Cap2 GM Daniel Haywood thinks the partnership with UK active is an important step.


‘Becoming a member of ukactive is an example of our commitment to improving participation. Whilst CoursePro is often used within admin to help reduce workload for teachers, it’s also a great interaction tool as parents and pupils can actively track their progression and this often drives an increase in attendance.’


‘We believe that technology has a vital role to play in the future of sport, and with our product now helping to improve the way 1000s of sites worldwide are running their sports lessons and activities, our membership of ukactive is part of this commitment. We want to use our state of the art technology to help get more people, more active more often!’


‘With more and more rivals to compete with, encouraging participation in sport is of huge importance. Stats like 1 in 3 children in the UK are overweight, and 68% of Primary school children don’t meet the recommended level of fitness for their age group is hugely concerning. Working in tandem with ukactive, who help to link the organisations together who can change these worrying statistics means that we’re in a better place than ever to maximise the positive result of using CoursePro in clubs and centres throughout the UK.’


And with an ever increasing number of sporting customers, users, members enrolled and partners, we like to think that Cap2 and CoursePro are bringing the worlds of tech and sport closer together than ever before.


Follow the link here to find out more about ukactive.


If you’re not already a CoursePro user, find out more about the industry revolutionising software here.

Thanks to CoursePro’s partnership with the swimwear provider Zoggs, we’re giving all of our customers a great new opportunity to benefit from using CoursePro.

We are often told by our customers that CoursePro pays for itself. It saves so much time and effort that the cost of introducing it to their club or centre is a proportionally small one.

Whether that’s reducing the cost of printing for registers and bookings, or the time saved on admin that can now be spent on finding new customers, CoursePro really does help streamline their business.

But CoursePro actually helps you make money too. Through our link and association with the swimwear provider Zoggs, CoursePro enables you to generate extra income.

The partnership brings you the ability to display Zoggs’ adverts on your HomePortal sites.

In return, you’ll earn money for referrals to their online shop. The adverts will be based on the member viewing them – so a stage 6 swimmer will only see adverts relating to their specific level.

Zoggs UK Leisure Sales Manager Darren Lovelock believes the initiative is an exciting new opportunity for Zoggs and Swim Schools alike;

‘The programme is an excellent opportunity for Swim Schools to extend retail performance beyond their current programme. The initiative guides parents into making the appropriate product purchases for their child’s activity, improving the overall customer experience.’

There is no additional cost in technology/labour.  We have aligned all the relevant products with each of the stages of the ASA teaching pathway and so once the system is live, we would expect immediate impact of parents activating product purchases for their child.

This is an option that enables Swim Schools like yours to extend retail performance.  With Cap2 and CoursePro we have a fantastic solution to make convenient and simple online purchases’

Not a CoursePro customer yet? Find out more about the software here, or get in touch for your free demo.

Already a CoursePro user? Here’s how to set-up your Zoggs adverts:


In order to make the most of our partnership, you’ll need to;

  • Head to Here you can fill out their contact form, requesting to display Zoggs adverts on your CoursePro HomePortal.
  • Once you’ve done this and reached an agreement with Zoggs, you’ll be given a partner tracking code – be sure to make note of this, as it’s your way to collect referral fees!
  • You’ll need to log-in to CoursePro through your Administrative account, navigate to Settings > My Account and click the new features button on the right side of the page.

  • You then need to click ‘Manage Zoggs advertising’ and tick the subsequent ‘Enable Adverts’ box. Fill out your partner code in the box below and click save!

For more information on setting up your Zoggs advertising, visit the link here to our Zendesk article.

We hope this opportunity is of interest to you and helps to bring some extra revenue for your business!

To say technology is taking over the world is now an understatement.

It didn’t take long, but today, to say that Technology is taking over is a thing of the past – the very fact that it has changed the way we communicate, travel, sell, buy, manage, watch, teach and much much more means that Tech is now simply the way of the world.

Technology is impacting every single industry. Of course that isn’t to say that we’re all getting replaced by robots – not yet, but it is arguable that there isn’t a successful industry in the world that hasn’t had to move with the times.

Of course, for Sports Clubs, Leisure Centres, Swim Schools and all other Sport Providers, this poses a huge threat. How do you keep your members and attract new ones when you have so much competition from Games Consoles, TV’s, Computers, Smartphones and more!?

One of the great things about Technology is it’s becoming simpler and simpler. You no longer have to be an expert in the field to make the most of the benefits.

Tech abides by the motto ‘If you can’t beat em, join em’!  Whilst Technology might create challenges that you and your Sports business must face, it also creates exciting opportunities.

CoursePro is one such exciting opportunity. By switching to our market leading software, businesses are moving with the times and taking the era of Technology by the scruff of the neck!

CoursePro is the Technology that is helping 1000s of Sport Providers to compete with more than just the issues caused by Tech spawned activities such as Computer games and Smartphones. The change in the way we interact that has occurred with the growth of technology means that Club communications and reports can seem outdated; CoursePro works to enhance the way Sports Providers work and bring courses into the 21st century.

With this exciting Technological advance in the way Sports Clubs can be run, companies are finding that retention and their overall offering improves. With improved and far more efficient administration using this modern software, automated email/SMS to customers that meets the modern expectations of quick and mass communication, and an interactive way of uploading and marking child attendance, performance and achievements to a personal online site used by your customers are just a few of the many improvements that CoursePro enables for Sports Clubs.  

In the last year more than 1.5 million new members have been enrolled on CoursePro software. With more than 2.6 million members enrolled in total, it means that CoursePro is by far the leader in the Sports Course Technology market.

Making a switch to CoursePro is easy, and becoming increasingly important for companies looking to move forward through the era of Technology and grab the opportunities it invites.

Find out more about how CoursePro software can improve the way you run your sports business.

Already a customer? Find out how you can add to your CoursePro.