Fixed End Date vs Continuous Assessment.

Fixed End Date and Continuous Assessment are two ways of setting up your courses using CoursePro.

Whilst Fixed End Date means that at the end of each term, customers all come to pay at the same time, Continuous Assessment means that your customers can pay at any time throughout the term and top-up using HomePortal.

So how do you decide which method is best for your business?

When CoursePro’s founders first created the software back in 2009, their idea behind the software was to save Sport Providers from that hectic re-enrolment period. Hence their creation of Continuous Assessment, enabling clubs and centres to reduce the stress that had previously been ever present in taking payments.

Where Fixed End Date works alongside the way sports courses have run in the past, Continuous looks to change this.

We spoke to Annabelle from Springfit about the advantage of going Continuous:

‘Continuous makes it much easier because it prevents all of our customers paying at the same time. Fixed End Date would mean we would have to deal with payments in bulk, whereas using Continuous makes it much easier to break down into manageable chunks. It means (for us) that customers can pay month by month which is much easier for them (and us) to budget for, rather than paying one lump sum of a good hundred pounds in one.’

The problem is that whilst it might sound easier to take all of your payments at once, the fact is, it causes far more work for you than Continuous would, with large queues, and huge demand all accruing at the same time!

The Mad Rush: The image of customers queuing up to pay at the end of every term is one synonymous with Fixed End Date courses! A bit like the opening of the shop doors on Black Friday, Sport Providers  have found that Fixed End Date courses creates a mad rush.

So why isn’t everyone using Continuous!?

Whilst Continuous is the most popular choice of course setup, still around 10% of CoursePro customers do work with Fixed End Date. Whilst most of our customers are British, and therefore may have been brought up on the saying ‘ If you see a queue, join it.’ Cap2 Solutions’ GM Daniel Haywood think there’s a more deep-rooted reluctance to go Continuous.

‘We believe one of the reasons that some of our customers are hesitant to make the switch from Fixed to Continuous is because it sounds a bit scary! Changing the system that you’ve had in place for years, that your customers are used to and that you know the ins and outs of is a big step.’

‘The reason that 90% of our customers have made the switch to Continuous is because of the big benefits. By using Continuous, it’s not only much easier to deal with payments, but it’s also a great aid to retention. If a customer has to repay at the end of every term, this can cause frustration and become a nuisance especially if queues and a lot of effort is involved. The end of term represents a convenient stopping point to leave a club- whereas with Continuous, repayments are often made throughout the term, meaning customers are more happy to make payment in order to continue midterm (it’s much less convenient to take your child out of a course midway through!).’

For information on how to make the switch and go Continuous, you can visit the link here.


We want to hear what you think!

What’s the reason you’re still using Fixed End Date? Why do you love using Continuous?

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With 1000s of sites and centres throughout the UK as well as far afield as Australia and South Africa, CoursePro is revolutionising the way the Sports Course industry works.

This week the number of members enrolled on CoursePro surpassed 2.5 million – a magnificent achievement.



To put that figure into perspective – until 2015, the software which helps to improve admin and customer interaction for Sports Clubs and Leisure Centres had less than 1 million members actively enrolled onto the site. It means that over the last two years, the software which was created in 2009 has seen a massive increase in popularity.

What does that mean for you?

The increasing number of members isn’t just a great sign for the product. It’s also a great help to our customers and potential customers. It means that we get to grow our team to make sure that we further improve the way we work and make improvements to the system.

The company was started by 2 young founders who were sat poolside at their local swimming club when that eureka moment struck – more here. From then on, the number of staff has grown and grown, and we’re excited to announce that a further two roles are now being advertised here.

So why is CoursePro so popular?

CoursePro is very much the market leader in its field. Its popularity is in part due to its flexibility. With the function to work within 30+ different sports and activities, the software helps clubs and centres by reducing admin hours, increasing the offering to customers, acting as an interaction tool and automating many forms of communication to ease pressure. The incredibly versatile software will work on any platform and Coaches and Teachers often tell us that the ability to mark registers and assess pupils from any portable device makes it easy and comfortable to use. You can find out more about what our customers think here.

Interested in a demo?

As part of CoursePro’s growth, we’re always on the look-out for new clients and exciting opportunities to work with new Sports Providers of almost any kind. If you’re interested in finding out more then let us know here, and we’ll happily find you a suitable time to have a demonstration of the software.

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