School Programmes can be tricky. 

It’s hard to organise them, it’s hard to manage them and it’s hard to report on them.

It’s why we at Cap2 have created Schools Programme Manager. It’s a new purchasable bolt on option for CoursePro customers that makes running lessons for schools a whole lot easier!

Whether a school is using your staff or your facilities, this product revolutionises the way programmes run. If you’re looking for a way to make your school programmes more efficient, whilst improving the quality of service you provide, Schools Programme Manager really does make a massive difference.

  • Drag & drop a list of the students directly into their groups
  • Create multiple classes in one step with Save & Multiply
  • Send reports to the school/organisation showing students progress and attendance
  • Pre-assign levels to students OR allow teachers to assign levels at poolside/court-side etc
  • Use Portable Devices to record registers and progress
  • Teachers can view medical conditions in class


Schools Programme Manager. No more school programme headaches.

To book a free demo, or speak to our team about Schools Programme Manager request contact below:

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We know HomePortal to be one of the most important aspects of CoursePro.

It helps you build up your business, save you time, interact with customers and add a USP to the service you provide.

Our HomePortal Branding service is one of the most popular purchasable bolt-ons we supply, with well over 60% of our customers taking up the option.


Currently, your HomePortal front screen is unbranded and will look like this:


With the HomePortal Branding service, we can update and refresh the way your HomePortal appeals to customers:




Your branding is designed specifically for you. It’s bespoke to your business and your needs.

With HomePortal Branding, we:

  • Integrate your website to your HomePortal
  • Create your own bespoke HomePortal site
  • Use your themes, logos, colours & branding to personalise your HomePortal
  • Give a more professional, slick feel to your Sports Club or Leisure Centre’s online presence.


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For more information on all of our purchasable bolt-on products, click here.


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Our mission at Cap2 is to help our customers grow. We want CoursePro to help you build and manage your business.

One of the most popular parts of CoursePro is HomePortal.


The fact that parents can review child feedback and achievements, book into lessons, top up credit, or move their child to the next stage means it can help relieve pressure on you, and improve customer interaction.

After putting together a HomePortal rankings table of all of our customers. We’re pleased to announce; The Swim Specialist top the table. More than 98% of The Swim Specialist’s happy customers are making the most of using HomePortal.

But how did they do it!?14615597_702375113250523_7228268300946975303_o-1

The Swim Specialist Managing Director; Nathaniel Birkett describes using HomePortal as giving his company a USP. Nathaniel believes making swimming lessons transparent for parents is paramount – something that HomePortal ensures. He says that the aim is to meet the needs of children and the demands of parents. And he’s clearly doing a very good job of that! 


If you’re interested in finding ways to improve your HomePortal usage rating, here are some questions to ask yourself (based on feedback from some of the highest rankers):

  • Is HomePortal explained to the customer when they sign up to their lessons?
  • Have you given your customers information on how to sign up to HomePortal and what’s required?
  • Is HomePortal a unique selling point of your lessons and is information displayed on your website?
  • Have you ever run a prize draw for customers to enter? (Note: Don’t forget to have clear T&C’s for any competition!)
  • Have fun with your teams and set them targets to promote the HomePortal sign up. You could have a prize for the team member who achieves their targets?

The most powerful tool to increase HomePortal uptake is using your teachers/coaches. We know it’s busy at the end of classes but mentioning when they’ve updated pupil attainment at the end of the class will encourage Parents/Guardians more than any other promotion.

Unsure about what your members can see on HomePortal or what the steps are for registration?

Please visit How To Register for HomePortal and How to Use HomePortal in your Zendesk Account.

To run this report yourself and monitor your progress:

  • Go to Reports
  • Click on Class Members
  • Click Try New Reports
  • Click on Class Members and select HomePortal Accounts
  • Click on Update Report to view
  • Remember you can filter by centre, course etc by using the filters on the right.

To make signing up for HomePortal much easier, you will find turning on HomePortal Quick Activation saves time for your customers. More info is available on your Zendesk account here.


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bonfire-nightThe Fifth of November is widely associated with Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes, that slightly catchy poem and lots of fireworks.

But it’s not just a day of celebrating the capture of the man who plotted to kill the king.

Cap2 Solutions has it’s own reason for letting off some celebratory fireworks. That’s because, the 5th of November is the day that Cap2 was created, 7 years ago.

At that time, CoursePro (our market leading product) was just an idea in the heads of two young men, sat poolside, wondering if there was an easier way for Swim Schools to manage their students. It’s progressed a long way from there, and now helps a wide variety of Sports Clubs and Leisure Centres manage every aspect of their business.

Over the course of those 7 years, whilst many things have changed, Cap2’s mission; to make life easier for Sports Clubs and Leisure Centres has always stayed the same.

It’s why CoursePro enables the hassle to be taken out of admin, whilst putting participation and increasing the commercial growth of Clubs and Centres at its forefront.

Our leading course management systems are there to streamline every kind of Sports business. Whether you’re looking for Swim club management, Tennis club management, Dance club management, Gym Club management or any other variety of sports tool, CoursePro provides the perfect admin solution.

If you haven’t already, then why not jump on the CoursePro bandwagon! Contact us at for a free demo to see the leading course management tool for yourself.

For more information, visit our CoursePro page here or contact our sales team at . Alternatively, watch our video here.