Tie Break Tens is a new streamlined Tennis competition that pits 6 players against each other. They often spend a total of just thirty minutes on court before a winner is decided.

2015’s winner, Kyle Edmund, more than doubled his yearly earnings in well under half a day thanks to the tournament’s $250,000 prize fund! 

A bit like Tie Break Tens, we at Cap2 know that streamlining your operation, whether that be playing tennis like Kyle, or running a Sports Club or Leisure Centre like thousands of our customers, is hugely desirable.

Step forward CoursePro! CoursePro is the industry leading, Course Management tool. It helps you manage administration, automates the entire process of enrollment, payments, assessments, makeup sessions, level progression and much more.

By going with CoursePro, you’ll find a sure way to reduce the time you spend on admin, that could be so valuably used elsewhere.

Our customers tell us CoursePro really does streamline your business:

Active Tameside Sports Trust described the alleviation of pressure on their reception team as enabling them to provide much better customer service, whilst GLL (Better Leisure Centres) say they have reaped the benefits of the system through streamlining their bookings process. Another happy customer, Hallamshire Tennis Club say CoursePro has enabled their business to become more professional and more efficient, drastically reducing admin time.

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We at Cap2 are passionate about participation in sport.

We want to see more people, young and old, get active and involved in sport.  We believe one of the best ways to do this, is to help Coaches and Teachers have more time to do what they’re good at – teaching sport!

Many of the team at Cap2 come from Sporting backgrounds, which gives us a great insight into the way we can use our market leading product; CoursePro, to the benefit of the Sports Industry.

Our #1 Course Management Solution; CoursePro, aims to help Private and Public Sports Clubs and Leisure Centres by reducing the time and money they spend on admin.

CoursePro does this by utilising a simple interface, innovative new software and Portable Teacher Devices to help registration, customer interaction, pupil assessment, schedule setting, Teacher management and overall Centre administration.

If you’re interested in saving time and money by streamlining the way you administrate your Private/Public Sports Club or Leisure Facility, then get in contact with us at

More info is available at and you can view our short video here.

Over the last 13 years, many things have changed.

We’ve seen the birth of social media, and the slow death of wires, 4 British Prime Ministers, 3 Football World Cups and the first ever black US President. For all that time, Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal have held a place in the World’s top 4 Men’s Tennis rankings.fednad

But things can’t stay the same forever! This year Nadal and Federer both place outside the top 4. Something we haven’t seen since 2003.

A bit like Nadal and Federer (although not quite so sadly), the Sports Course industry is also changing. Clubs and Leisure Centres are looking for ways to streamline their businesses and provide a greater customer experience. Hence, a huge uptake in CoursePro; the innovative new software that helps with all of this and much more.

Public and Private Sports Clubs and Leisure Facilities have been moving to CoursePro since 2010. It is now used by over 1000 sites worldwide, with more than 1.8 million members/pupils enrolled on the system.

CoursePro is a technical advance in the way Sports Courses are managed. No longer do Clubs and Centres have to work with out-dated techniques for managing their Staff, Pupils and Customers. It’s the ultimate time saver.

Find out more about CoursePro by taking a look at the product page or by watching our short video here. For enquiries, contact us at .

You can read more about Federer and Nadal in this BBC article

In a bid to promote a glass half full attitude, we’d like to mention a slightly optimistic phrase; It’s nearly the holidays!


The relieving sight of a half term break may mean time off for the term time staff and kids, but for those of you running Holiday Courses, it’s just as busy as ever!

With that in mind, we thought we’d refresh your memory on how to create a Holiday Course within CoursePro. You can find out how to create your clubs from start to finish by reading our instructions here.

Further information, as always, is available on your Zendesk account.

If you need any help, our support team is contactable at or on 0845 504 8511.