We know changing prices for your lessons could happen throughout the year. As we’ve seen a trend in the number of questions around this, we thought we would help by defining how to change a price in the system.

If you plan to increase or decrease a price, you will have to go into the Payment Plan section.

You can access this by going through:

  1. Settings

  2. Members

  3. Payment Plans

  4. And then select Edit on the plan you wish to change


You will then need to scroll down to Prices and Dates and click edit.
Add an end date to the current price. Click done.

NOTE: If you click edit and just change the price here, when a member who has paid the current price is moved. they will be charged the difference of the new price.  E.g. If I top up in November at £10 a lesson for 10 lessons.  You change the price in January to £10.50.  I am moved up a level in February, I will be charged 50p for each of my remaining sessions.


Click Add.  Insert your new price and a Start Date for the price.  Click Done.

NOTE: These dates are related to when you want members to be charged this new price, not necessarily when the classes are running. For example, if next term, January 2017, classes will be £10.50 but your members pay for next term starting in November, these dates must be set for November.payedddd.png
For more info, review our Zendesk guide here.

For any other help, visit our Support page here.

We’re delighted to announce that we’re receiving a great reaction from our new Product Ideas section in Zendesk.

You will know that as a CoursePro customer, you are given use of our virtual Help Desk; Zendesk. It’s primarily there to help and advise you to make the most out of CoursePro. However, we have recently added the new ‘Product Ideas’ section. Over the last two weeks we’ve given you the opportunity to vote and comment on our Product Ideas, so we can ascertain which ideas should be given priority.

We’ve had a great response, with over 100 interactions already, and the new site has only been running for two weeks!


If you haven’t yet voted and intend to, or had not heard about the section, then we encourage you and all of our other customers to join the debate!

You can Join the debate here! For more information on how to use Zendesk, visit our website support section.

At Cap2 Solutiochild's tennis lessonns, we’re celebrating the number 1.5 million. It’s worth a celebration too. We’ve surpassed 1.5 million pupils registered on our CoursePro system.

Our innovative CoursePro software is making quite a splash!! The software has taken the market by storm thanks to it’s industry changing take on Course Management.


It’s a great achievement and we thought it would be remiss of us not to thank our many customers for their continued support. Thank you!!


iStock_000006276902_Large copy.jpg

But we aren’t pulling any party poppers just yet. We want to improve the product even further for you. To help us do that, remember, you can vote for your favourite choice of product idea via your Zendesk account !

If you’d like to find out more about CoursePro, visit our products page. 


If you’d like to tell us how CoursePro is helping the success of your business, get in touch at marketing@cap2.co.uk.

We hope you’re enjoying a busy start to the new school year. To make life a little easier for you, we’ve changed the knowledge base, look and feel of our Help Desk; Zendesk.

It’s now easier than ever to find what you’re looking for with the new sections we’ve added!

The new sections include:

  • Set Up  –  Need to know about the set up and configuration of CoursePro? Set up guides you through the process
  • Day to Day Use  –  This section gives you a guide to the ins and outs of using CoursePro for your lessons and general use.
  • HomePortal – This section explains every function of the HomePortal element in CoursePro.
  • Portable Devices  –  This section is a guide to setting up and using Portable Devices with in CoursePro
  • Payment gateways –  Zendesk will now guide you through how to set up the different payment gateways we work with.
  • Schools Programme Manager  –  If you’re stuck or in need of assistance in using Schools Programme Manager, we’ve provided a detailed support guide to the system.
We’ve made two other big changes:
  1. You’ll now be able to ask for help by using our Support Request section. If there’s any specific support you need that our new Help Desk cannot help you with, then you are more than welcome to make a request in the Support section.
  2. You can also now see other customers’ ideas for how CoursePro should be improved via the new Product ideas section. You can view and vote on current ideas, and if you don’t see something you’d like, then you can create your own.
You can view how to use the new Product ideas section here via these links:
If you’re having trouble logging in to your Zendesk then visit our support page at http://www.cap2.co.uk/support/ .

We’re here to make life easier! So we hope all this helps you, when you’re stuck or looking for quick and instant support.

Our new CoursePro update, 2.10.8 is now available!

Included in the update is a feature available upon request of the Support Team here at Cap2. It may well be very helpful for you and your business.

The new feature will allow parents to top up using their positive Course Balance via the HomePortal. You will need to contact support in order for this to be turned on. It means that if a pupil has a positive Course Balance, and comes to top up, their bill will automatically take it into account.

An example might be if you run a fixed end date course (i.e. termly):

  • If you cancel a class which a pupil has already paid for; they will have a positive Course Balance.
  • When the parent comes to pay for the next batch of lessons via HomePortal, their total bill will minus the positive balance automatically.
  • This way, they’ll be able to pay the balance that they owe rather than pay the full price (meaning they’d be owed money).

(This example would not apply to Continuous Courses as members are not given a credit when a session is cancelled).
A member may also have a Positive Course Balance if they leave their class mid-term and have not yet attended all the lessons paid for.
Balances--1- (1)Balances---2




In order to check whether a pupil has a positive balance:

  • Log in to CoursePro
  • Go to the members section on the left hand side
  • Choose a member
  • Then click balances on the right to view balances.

For more information regarding Members balances please do visit the link below:
Or for information regarding course and transaction balances visit:

Currently we also have a similar update for negative Course Balances in development which will be available in the future .

We hope that helps you and your business!