Some docs to help you promote HomePortal to your members

Happy Halloween!!
The most common feedback we get from users is that members or, in fact, member’s parents love HomePortal.

With that in mind, we have prepared a couple of documents about HomePortal.  One details the quick and simple steps on how to Register.  The other, what a parent/member can expect to see in HomePortal.

They are both available to you at the following links
How to Register for HomePortal – A Guide For Your Members
How to Use HomePortal Once Registered

If you would like soft copies of these documents that you can add your logo and other branding to, please email me at

The Cap2 Pumpkins - Happy Halloween from the Cap2 Team

Our team here at CAP2 Solutions has grown over the last six months so we thought it would be nice to introduce the new faces as well as remind you of the seasoned members.


Cap2 Team - Daniel

Daniel Haywood – General Manager – Brand new to Cap2 Solutions after 15 years working for Leisure trusts across the UK managing the business side of Swim Schools and Junior Programmes. Daniel, in his spare is kept busy by his two young children and South African wife! Feel free to email him with any comments about Course Pro at



Cap2 Team - PetePete Walker – Technical Director – One of the original founders of Cap2 Solutions back in 2009. Pete has spent the last 6 years developing CoursePro from the ground up. Originally writing code in a swimming pool’s reception, Pete has overseen CoursePro’s transformation to the successful software brand it has become. In his spare time, Pete likes to run, cycle and play cricket.



Cap2 Team - AlexAlex Davison – Sales Development Manager – Previously spent 9 years working in the leisure industry managing facilities across the UK, before moving to Cap2 in 2013. The first 2.5years with Cap2 he also filled in as the software trainer. Dedicated triathlete and food enthusiast. The Cap2 Team is very proud of Alex, who represented TeamGB at the World Triathlon Grand Final in Chicago last month.



Cap2 Team - SueSue Enright – Training Consultant – Joined Cap2 Solutions in May. Sue has spent the last 6 years running a sailing school in Croatia having spent her earlier career as an IT trainer in the Tourism Industry. Sue is loving living in Bath and, being Irish, is still enjoying the rugby world cup (for now). Considering British weather, she is very pleased that her new role involves mostly working inside. You will hear more from Sue as we roll out more Webinars and New Feature Emails in the coming months.


Cap2 Team - PatrickPatrick van den Hurk – Senior Developer – After working some time in the Netherlands, Patrick looked for a new adventure in England and found Cap2 in the process. Patrick loves working with problems and finding sustainable solutions. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his fiancee, their cat and friends.



Cap2 Team - PeterPeter Weikert – Developer and Head of Support – Joined Cap2 Solutions October 2012. Although his first name is really Matthew he likes being called Peter to increase confusion within the office. Peter has spent the last three years developing CoursePro after graduating with a Computer Science degree from Plymouth University. You will most likely hear from Peter if you have a complex or tricky question about CoursePro. Being a bit of a movie nerd, he also helps organise the company film socials.


Cap2 Team - SamSam Ayres – Developer/Support – Joined Cap2 Solutions in September 2014. Sam is a post-graduate who studied at the University of the West of England with a degree in Web Design. Sam was born in the South of Wales, and then moved to Bristol 4 years ago. You will more than likely speak to him over the phone if you are to have any issues/feedback for Course Pro.



In CoursePro, you can set up badges to be awarded upon completion of a level or achieving a distance goal and any others you may need for your school.

There are two ways to award badges in CoursePro, 

Linked to Competencies




When a Badge has been awarded, an email can be automatically sent to the Member to inform them that a badge has been passed.

Please click Adding a Badge for more details on both types of Badges.