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The most comprehensive sports course management software on the market.

CoursePro’s revolutionary software turns the negative of admin into the positive of improving your offering and relationship with customers.

  • Manages administration
  • Automates the entire process of enrolment, payments, assessments, makeup sessions, level progression.
  • Improves customer interaction and offering
  • Acts as a USP for your business
  • Brings Sports Clubs, Leisure Centres and Swim Schools into the 21st century.

CoursePro is the market leading course management software with more than 2.5 million members enrolled: More than 30 different sports and activities utilise CoursePro; Swim Schools, Tennis Clubs, Gymnastics Clubs, Football Clubs, Dance Schools and many more love CoursePro across 1000s of sites worldwide!

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RacketPro has been specifically designed to work in the tennis, squash or badminton environment. A powerful management tool, it has been designed to facilitate accurate lesson administration, offering course co-ordination and customer interaction, resulting in huge time and cost savings. More details coming soon!